How to Maintenance

[Timing and frequency of maintenance]

When leather dries out, it will crack, just like human skin. Once cracks appear on the surface of the leather, it cannot be restored, so regular moisturizing "oil maintenance" is essential. The timing and frequency of maintenance should be considered separately for small items such as iPhone cases, wallets, and key cases, which are often touched by hand, and bags, which are less likely to be touched.

For small items:

Small items that we touch often have the characteristic that they naturally become moisturized throughout simply by being used, developing color and luster and making it easier for the leather to develop.

However, if you apply oil to your accessories before you start using them, a film of oil will form on the leather, keeping it stain-resistant. We recommend taking the time to care for your leather in order to keep it beautiful.

Furthermore, if you feel that the leather has become dry or refreshed during use, it is time for maintenance. Moisturize the leather with leather oil about once a season.

~In the case of bags~

Other than the handle and opening, other parts are rarely touched, so it is important to perform regular maintenance. To prevent the handle from becoming blackened or only the parts that are frequently touched from changing color, apply moisturizing care once every two months.

With regular maintenance, the entire leather will age beautifully, and the oil film will protect the bag from water droplets, which will also help prevent water stains.

What you need to care for leather:

・Leather brush, leather maintenance oil or cream

・Sponge or cloth (for oil and cream)

Dry wiping cloth

To avoid damaging the leather, use a soft cloth such as cotton to wipe it off.

~~~~~Care instructions~~~~~

The process for maintaining leather is the same as caring for human skin. First, remove dirt (cleansing), then moisturize. By repeating this process, the leather will age beautifully.

1. Remove dust from the surface of the leather using a leather brush or cloth.

One point that is often forgotten about in maintenance is "wiping off dirt." Before applying oil, remove any dust or fingerprints from the surface of the leather with a brush or cloth. Be sure to wipe off the dirt and dust so that they do not settle on the leather.

When wiping, don't just remove dust with a brush or cloth, but also wipe the surface of the leather with a tightly wrung wet towel. Wipe gently and slowly, imagining that you are using the water to loosen the dirt.

2. Apply a small amount of maintenance oil to a sponge or cloth.

Apply a small amount of oil (cream) to a clean cloth. Adjust the amount you use depending on the size of your accessories and bag. Applying too much can cause stains, so it's important to apply a little at a time. For accessories such as wallets and key cases, a rice-sized amount will be enough. The key to judging the right amount is when you touch it with dry hands and it feels slightly moist. If it feels sticky when you touch it, it's a sign that there is too much oil, so wipe it off with a dry, soft cloth.

3. Apply a thin layer of oil to the entire leather item.

Apply oil (cream) to the entire surface. Spread it thinly and quickly. Applying maintenance oil to the zipper and pull hardware will help prevent rust. We recommend taking care of them to improve their slipperiness.

4. Wipe dry with a cloth

After applying the oil or cream, leave it for a little while to allow the ingredients to soak into the leather. Finally, wipe it again with a dry cloth and your maintenance is complete. Wipe gently with a soft, clean cloth.

5. Store in a well-ventilated place

Once you have finished cleaning, store the leather item back in the cloth bag it came in. It is important to store it in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.