Leather characteristics

◆Basic usage and features◆

Basically, it is a strap to secure your carry-on luggage to your suitcase.

Belts for attaching suitcases vertically already existed in the world, but

Poor design, risk of the bag being deformed,

There were issues, such as the fact that it was not compatible with a wide variety of bags.

The length of the belt we designed can be freely adjusted in seven stages.

Furthermore, by providing multiple fixing patterns, it is designed to be able to fix any shape of bag (backpack, duffel bag, tote bag, clutch bag, briefcase, etc.).

It is also made with unisex in mind.

◆Characteristics of the material◆

The leather is made from 100% high-quality Italian full vegetable tanned leather. It is a high-quality manufacturing method that preserves the original texture of the leather, so the more you use it, the more the oils that the leather naturally contains will seep out, and the color and luster will increase and the leather will age. All the metal fittings are made from 100% brass, so just like tanned leather, the color will deepen and the luster will fade the more you use it.