Pen holder

The finest leather, unique and exclusive to you

Made to order, each one is carefully crafted.

It is 100% handmade.

*Engraving possible (AZ)

*Made from 100% premium leather

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◆Basic usage◆

This pen holder is handmade from high-quality cowhide leather.

It can be attached to a neck holder, bag, ring file, etc.

If you keep your important pen, which you tend to accidentally put down somewhere, in a fixed place, your work is sure to go more smoothly.

◆How to use it other than with a pen◆

You can wear glasses or sunglasses not only at work but also in your private life.

Please note that depending on the sunglasses you are using, they may be loose and difficult to hook on.

*The pen in the image is not included.

*Due to the nature of high-quality natural leather, the color may appear different on the screen than in real life due to uneven coloring or scratches, but please understand that this is one of the characteristics of leather tanned with vegetable tannins.


★Free shipping★

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