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Everest Pen

Everest Pen

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Design (see the second photo)
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This product was created with the idea that "we want you to use the highest quality products for a long time."
This is a high-quality luxury pen made from Himalayan crocodile leather, also known as a mystical leather that few people have had the opportunity to see yet.

<<Luxury and special feeling>>
Some of you may have had the experience of being fascinated by the elegant ballpoint pens offered to you when making formalities at a luxury hotel, a high-end restaurant, or a car dealership, or when signing an important contract.
Please enjoy the unisex design of PEN, which combines overwhelming dignity and a sense of luxury.
A pen is not just a tool; it enhances the owner's sense of style and dignity.
<<Excellent fit and writing comfort>>
It applies smoothly even with light pressure.
The surface of the Himalayan crocodile is matte-finished,
The uneven natural texture allows you to grip it firmly with just a little force.
You can control even the tip of the pen with great precision.
<<The classic high-end pen: twist mechanism>>
The twist mechanism is a mechanism in which the tip and lead are extended by rotating the pen shaft.
The "graceful gesture" of holding the pen with both hands and slowly rotating the body to advance the lead matches formal occasions such as business meetings.
Another attractive feature is that the lead can be inserted and removed quietly.
<<Uses Schmidt nib>>
SCHMIDT® Refill P 900 F, compliant with ISO 12757-2 G2
We provide refills to pen manufacturers around the world and are well-known for their comfortable writing experience.
The G2 standard is a standard used by many brands around the world for ballpoint pen refills, and is also known as the "Parker type."
It is compatible with refills from other companies, so you can replace it with your favorite refills and they can also be purchased at stationery stores nationwide.
<<Regarding metal parts>>
The metal parts use surface treatment technology that dramatically improves hardness and abrasion resistance while still providing an elegant and stylish look.

Product Info




*Please note that since this is a completely handmade product, there may be slight differences in the dimensions.

*Due to the nature of natural leather, there may be uneven coloring and scratches, but please understand that this is also one of the characteristics of leather. Colors may look different on your screen than they do in real life, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

*As the owner of a TAIZAN item, you can enjoy the "evolution over time" that grows with you.

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Himalayan Niloticus, used by super brands around the world, is made from Nile crocodiles.

Nile crocodile leather is native to Africa and is in high demand , especially in Europe, and is traded worldwide as a luxury leather .



[Why it is called the Himalayas]

During the melting snow, the Himalayan mountains are colored in shades of white and gray.

Because it resembles the melting snow of the Himalayan Mountains , it has come to be called the " Himalayan crocodile ."

This contrast gradation is not artificially designed, but is a " natural gradation created only by carefully selected raw hides ," and is a technique unique to Himalaya.

This is a truly exquisite product that demonstrates first-class craftsmanship, and is an extremely rare and valuable material .



[The reason for the rarity of the Himalayas]

Normally, crocodile leather is dyed during the tanning process, but as a rule, Himalaya does not perform any dyeing processes .

The finished gradation is not colored but natural, so each piece has a different look. Furthermore, since the original scratches on the leather cannot be filled in by dyeing, the leather must be of high quality and beautiful at the rawhide stage , so not all Nile crocodiles can become Himalayan.



[ Cleanliness x Luxury ]

Himalaya is a " soft and gentle color " that is different from the usual dyed colors of crocodile leather, so it has a " clean and luxurious feel ". It can be used with " smart coordination " and " formal " as well as " casual " outfits.


*Due to the nature of high-quality natural leather, the color may appear different on the screen than in real life due to uneven coloring or scratches, but please understand that this is one of the characteristics of Himalayan crocodile.