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KABUTO (members-only purchase page)

KABUTO (members-only purchase page)

The background to the birth of KABUTO (a tote bag and backpack)

-It looks good when carried as a backpack, but not stylish when carried as a tote bag.
- Although a backpack is convenient when traveling, it doesn't look smart to show up at a business meeting carrying a backpack by hand.
・It goes well with a suit, but not with casual clothes.

To solve such problems,

We have developed luxury bags that can be used in any situation, 365 days a year, whether with a suit or casual clothes.

"I don't want to overlap with any other brand's designs."
With this in mind, please enjoy the seven different types of KABUTO designed by the TAIZAN representative himself.

how to use

- When using as a backpack, attach the back bracket.
- When using it as a tote bag, remove the metal fittings and store it in the dedicated pocket.
-When placing it in a suitcase, open the zippers on the top and bottom and secure it to prevent it from falling out.
・Store your laptop computer in the dedicated computer space

Leather material (31 colors in total)

This "mythical leather" is loved by world-famous fashion houses.
The material used is from Rémy Carriat, a tannery in the Basque region of southern France that has been upholding a tradition of nearly 100 years. As the raw hides are carefully selected, even the slightest deviation is not permitted during the special processing process, which requires the assistance of numerous "master craftsmen," and the company boasts advanced technical skills that are exclusive to world-class high fashion brands.
This tannery does not wholesale to the general public, and the leather is only available through a very limited number of reliable sources, so we only sell it by introduction.


TAIZAN's KABUTO is designed based on the image of the kuwagata (helmet crest) and fukikaeshi (helmet guard).
Kabuto helmets first appeared in the Kofun period. They originally served as protective gear, but as times changed, they also came to express the dignity and individuality of warlords. We will lovingly create your bags so that they will be a way to express your individuality.

Since each item is carefully handmade from rare, high-quality leather by skilled craftsmen selected from all over Japan, we are unable to mass-produce them.


"We want to deliver the world's finest works to only select customers."


With this in mind, we are offering this product on an introduction basis .

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実物確認をご希望の方は、TAIZAN号(移動式ギャラリーÇa va 錆庵)を公式LINEにてご予約お願い致します。



*Please note that since this is a completely handmade product, there may be slight differences in the dimensions.

*Please understand that there may be color unevenness, scratches, etc., but this is also one of the characteristics of natural products. Colors may look different on your screen than in real life, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

*Please note that the color may fade if wet or rubbed hard.

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