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[King.L series] Long wallet

[King.L series] Long wallet

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    [King of leather]

    Crocodile leather is known as the KING of the leather world, but our company offers the highest quality crocodile leather even at half the market price.

    We inspect the crocodiles produced in Singapore, which boasts the world's top crocodile leather processing technology, in person and purchase only genuine materials.

    We use the same crocodile leather as many other super brands, and we always strive to use the highest quality crocodile leather. (It is not cowhide with a crocodile print, but real crocodile leather.)

    [World's Strongest Strength]

    The material is 10 times stronger than cowhide, and the more you use it, the more attractive it becomes.

    [ The best wallet for improving your financial luck]

    Crocodiles have been loved as lucky charms since ancient times, as they have the strong jaws to never let go once they have grasped their prey in their mouths, and are said to "grab financial luck and opportunities and never let go (bite them down and never let go)."

    [Leather with a unique character that is one of a kind in the world]

    Crocodile leather has a distinctive pattern called "spots," which are essentially "scales."

    The flowing pattern and three-dimensional design of these spots give the leather product a sense of luxury and elegance.

    Since leather is a natural product, it is only natural that each piece is different, but these spots will vary from individual to individual, even within the same species of crocodile .


    Another reason why crocodile wallets are so popular is that, in addition to the aging of the material itself, you can have fun developing a wallet that brings you good fortune in terms of money.



    If you would like to check the actual product,
    Please make a reservation for TAIZAN (Mobile Gallery Ça va Sabi-an) via our official LINE.

    The TAIZAN brand is based on the theme of evolution over time , and is made up of a group of craftsmen who create products using materials such as leather and silver that develop a unique character the more they are used.

    Therefore, at TAIZAN, we consider all changes, such as scratches on the leather and discoloration due to sunlight, to be "beauty." How you love and grow with it is up to you.

    As the owner of a TAIZAN item, you can enjoy the "evolution over time" that grows with you.

    Product Info

    Material: Genuine crocodile (not crocodile embossed cowhide)



    実物確認をご希望の方は、TAIZAN号(移動式ギャラリーÇa va 錆庵)を公式LINEにてご予約お願い致します。「経年進化」を大切にするTAIZANは、革やシルバー等、使い込む程に味が出る素材で物作りを行う事で、革の擦り傷、日焼けによる変色等、全ての変化を「美」と捉えています。どのように愛情を持って、共に成長していくかはあなた次第。


    *Please note that since this is a completely handmade product, there may be slight differences in the dimensions.

    *Due to the nature of natural leather, there may be uneven coloring and scratches, but please understand that this is also one of the characteristics of leather. Colors may look different on your screen than they do in real life, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

    *As the owner of a TAIZAN item, you can enjoy the "evolution over time" that grows with you.

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