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Natural Leather Fan

Natural Leather Fan

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◇The world's first leather fan that changes over time◇
There are other brands that offer leather fans, but the mainstream is chrome leather (leather tanned with chemicals) that can be made thinner than 0.3 mm.

However, it is said that the charm of leather, that it changes over time, can only be expressed with vegetable tanned leather (leather tanned with ingredients derived from plants), not chrome leather. What made it possible to make vegetable tanned leather with a thickness of less than 0.3 mm, which was said to be technically impossible, was the existence of calfskin (a very rare calf under 6 months old) with a dense fiber structure and extremely smooth texture, and the desire to "make a leather fan that develops a unique character with use through friction."

In developing the natural leather folding fan, we asked a leather tannery to use a tannin-based method to thin the fan as thin as possible using many different types of leather, but after testing, we found that this thinness could only be achieved with calfskin. The leather and bones of the fan surface will age and gain a glossy finish, making it a unique product that you can enjoy the process of developing into your very own folding fan.

◇A one-of-a-kind pattern◇
The "Natural Leather Fan" is dyed randomly one by one with a brush using Suzuka ink, a traditional craft, and then given a shiny finish.

When held in light, a beautiful black and blue glitter pattern appears; this is a one-of-a-kind fan.

◇Kyoto fans (Kyoto x leather) made by skilled craftsmen at a long-established Kyoto fan shop◇
There are roughly 20 steps in making a folding fan, or about 80 steps in more detail. The process includes processing the bones and leather, and the fans are all handmade by dedicated craftsmen in Kyoto, with a complete division of labor.

◇Made in Japan◇
Natural leather folding fans that change over time are made entirely in Japan, thanks to the efforts of Japanese leather tanning factories and the skills of Kyoto's folding fan craftsmen. Enjoy the changes in the appearance of natural leather folding fans over time, which are quite different from paper folding fans, and the scent of leather that floats in the cool breeze.

*Please note that the pattern and color of each piece varies depending on the dyed part, so the pattern in the photo may differ from the product you receive.


Height: Approx. 230 mm
Width: 400mm

Product Info

Size: No. 15. Width: approx. cm.

Inner diameter 6.5mm



*Please note that since this is a completely handmade product, there may be slight differences in the dimensions.

*Due to the nature of natural leather, there may be uneven coloring and scratches, but please understand that this is one of the characteristics of leather tanned with vegetable tannins. Colors may look different on your screen than in real life, so if you have any questions, please contact us.

*Please note that the color may fade if wet or rubbed hard.

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